About Me/Thoughts

Originally from Birmingham I now live and work in South Wales and since the age of nine I have been a photographer or at least I have taken pictures, but it is only in later life I have asked myself why I take pictures.

Starting off with a Zenit-E SLR when apparently the word auto hadn't been invented was, at the time, the bees knees but receiving your slides back with varying degrees of success on the exposure front soon taught me the techniques which have stayed with me even into the digital age.

I may use the Nikon I now own in an exposure mode but still take shots in manual mode, with a spot meter, just to let the camera know who's in control.

But what is radically different from the Zenit days, to anyone with a creative mind, is the access to experiment.

Without doubt I am a more adventurous photographer, in terms of the image, now than I was with film and with that, over the years, has come refinement. I know what works for me.

But am I only taking pictures for me, well yes I thought I was.

Of course I enjoy the experience of getting the shot, of being there but then you just have to tell someone about that experience, even if it's ' the one that got away '. And in the telling the facts might just get embellished a bit, well we all like to impress.

So that is why I call some of my images digital art, the image I finally produce is my description of what I saw or imagined and felt at the time, embellishments and all.

And why do I take pictures?
I think now that I would have tried to capture the things I have seen and wondered at in some form or another, I just happen to have chosen photography as my way of portraying those moments.
And then at some point you feel the need to share your moments and say to the world
' excuse me are these any good?'
I await the worlds reply