My Equipment and Colourspace

My first camera was a Zenit-E a wonderful little thing that taught me so much.
I still have it and it still works

My second was a Canon AE1 and I still have that as well, although a bit battered and scarred it still works as well.

After a few flirtations with other makes and models I finally settled on Nikon and have owned quite a few although I don't have any of those except the camera I now use, a D300.

The Kit comprises various lenses, all Nikon.
Various filters but mostly ND Grads and a polariser.
A Sekonic L-358 with spotmeter attachment. Essential even in the digital age, the camera cannot do everything despite the adverts.
A Gossen Lunasix F for taking exposure range readings, helps when choosing the ND Grad to use.
The knees don't bend as well as they used to so a Zigview is used occasionally. The liveview on the camera not being that useful without a tilting screen.
My tripod, another essential, is a Giottos MT-9170 with a MH-7302 ball head.

An Epson Photo R2880 is my printer of choice and I use an Epson 3170 for scanning the old slides.
Software, Capture NX, DxO labs Optics Pro and an old version of Photoshop.

I use calibration equipment from Colorvision.
If you don't have a calibrated monitor the colours of the photos may not look as I intended, the colourspace of the photos is Adobe 1998. I saw little difference between that and sRGB so haven't added yet another conversion.